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Here you will find all kinds of information about prefabricated restrooms. Learn how installing a prefabricated restroom by Green Flush is one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to provide your visitors with a quality public bathroom experience.

This is because our prefabricated restrooms have advantages over site-built structures, including consistent quality, lower cost, and less time spent on planning, design, and installation. Where water and sewer are not available, we offer a flush modular restroom option that provides the same experience as our standard prefab restrooms, even without utility connections. In addition, our sealed vault system means that you can have a flush bathroom even in a remote location, no longer needing to settle for a stinky vault toilet.

Green Flush is green

What makes Green Flush Green

Back in the ’90s, our company’s founder was tasked with finding a way to make green flush restrooms for the remote reaches of Lake Powell, a reservoir located in the...

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Designing Restrooms Around Covid

Minimizing exposure to pathogens has always been a goal when designing public restrooms, but designing restrooms around Covid has heightened concern now for obvious reasons. The virus has mostly spread...

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