Green Technology


Green Flush Technologies has worked hard to build the most Earth-friendly modular flush restroom available. We’ve maximized water and energy conservation to bring you sustainable restrooms that support the environment and provide a pleasing experience for visitors.


Our restrooms offer the following Earth-friendly features:

  • Solar power – This option provides all the sun-generated power needed to run your facilities day in and day out. Solar powered features include:

    • Hot water – uses the power of the sun to heat sinkwater.

    • Room heater – A third solar panel provides indoor air heating. This heating is thermostatically controlled, meaning it adds heat only when you want it to.

    • Power conversion – converts 12 volt DC solar power into 120 volt AC, allowing for conventional electrical elements.

  • Rainwater collection – We use collected rainwater to supplement the flush water supply.

  • Water conservation – We have engineered our restrooms to reduce water consumption up to 70% compared to conventional flush restrooms. Our toilets use as little as half a gallon of water per flush. We’ve added limited flow sink faucets and waterless urinals. In some environments, our restrooms can run off of rainwater collected from the roof.

  • Minimal ground disturbance – for a reduced environmental impact. Our installations produce minimal ground disturbance due to a small excavation footprint and eliminating all trenching.

  • Low carbon concrete – the production of traditional concrete is a major contributor to greenhouse gasses. When available, we use low carbon concrete.

  • Carbon neutral – emissions jeopardize us all in the long term, but unfortunately they are just a part of living our lives and can’t be avoided completely. To do our part, Green Flush has partnered with Terrapass to help offset the carbon emissions our company produces. Terrapass offsets carbon emissions with solar farms, methane digesters, as well as planting trees.

  • Earth-friendly waste disposal – sewage is hauled to a waste disposal facility, and we have safeguards so that waste never spills on-site. Septic systems by contrast can overflow and contaminate the environment. Ours never will.

As is the case with all flush toilets, our models keep sewage odors out of the inside and outside environments, keeping the natural setting smelling the way it is supposed to.

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