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Here you will find all kinds of information about prefabricated restrooms. Learn how installing a prefabricated restroom by Green Flush is one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to provide your visitors with a quality public bathroom experience.

This is because our prefabricated restrooms have advantages over site-built structures, including consistent quality, lower cost, and less time spent on planning, design, and installation. Where water and sewer are not available, we offer a flush modular restroom option that provides the same experience as our standard prefab restrooms, even without utility connections. In addition, our sealed vault system means that you can have a flush bathroom even in a remote location, no longer needing to settle for a stinky vault toilet.

The Art of Designing Restroom Floor Space

When it comes to architectural design, every square inch of space matters. Simply put, “empty space” costs money, so it’s worth looking into whether that empty space is worth your...

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The pros and cons of septic fields

When you are looking for a restroom solution for your park, you will need to secure a way to deal with waste.  There are three primary options: sewer, vault, and...

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How to Plan for a Playground Restroom

As a restroom company, we noticed that our restroom buildings were often being built next to playgrounds.  We wanted to learn more about the complimentary relationship between playgrounds and restrooms,...

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The Keys To Effective Architecture

When you think of a great city park, what gave off a strong impression?  Was it the green grass, the birds flying by, the fresh air?  Or was it the landscaping,...

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Revisiting Restroom Safety In A Pandemic

These days many people are concerned about restroom safety in a pandemic. It’s been almost two years since the pandemic started. In that time our knowledge of the virus has...

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Why Go Green With Restrooms?

Green restrooms are part of the world’s desire to be more environmentally concerned. We currently live in a day and age where going green is “cool to like” more than...

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Restrooms: Then and Now

It’s amazing to think that in today’s world, you can get a flush restroom experience almost anywhere.  It’s quite the transformation from where we stood in the past, even in...

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