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How to Plan for a Playground Restroom


As a restroom company, we noticed that our restroom buildings were often being built next to playgrounds.  We wanted to learn more about the complimentary relationship between playgrounds and restrooms, so we reached out to several playground companies for their input.  Ultimately, we had the good fortune of speaking with Cody Goldberg of Harper’s Playground…

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Compost Toilets And Flush-Vaults, A Head To Head Comparison

Compost Toilets comparison

Composting toilets, in theory, are almost miraculous. Compost toilets convert 95% of human waste into carbon dioxide. The remaining material, in theory, can be used as fertilizer. They are a popular toilet in tiny houses and other residential applications, but how are they in public restrooms? Thousands of composting toilets have been installed over the…

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Designing Restrooms Around Covid

Image 2

Minimizing exposure to pathogens has always been a goal when designing public restrooms, but designing restrooms around Covid has heightened concern now for obvious reasons. The virus has mostly spread through airborne aerosols (a suspension of liquid droplets in the air) and contact with surfaces that contain the virus. There are five fundamental strategies to…

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Are Modular Restrooms Better For The Environment?

Modular Restrooms

Today we’re going to look at some of the environmental advantages that modular restrooms have over site built.  What do we mean by environmental advantages?  For starters, the term of course relates to global as well as local environmental concerns.  However, it can also extend beyond the “green” since there are many activities associated with…

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Deciding between Prefab Restrooms and Site-Built Restrooms

Prefabricated restroom

How do you know when it’s right to buy a prefab restroom? Prefabricated restrooms will almost always be easier and more consistent to estimate with fewer costs, less waste, less site, and community disturbance, and lower energy costs. Perhaps the most fundamental question in planning for a restroom building is choosing whether to go with…

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What You Need To Know Before You Plan For Your Park Restroom

Meadows Place

Public Restrooms are often the most important amenity in a park.  Many people will avoid using a park or revisit it less often if restrooms are either unavailable or inadequate.  Providing a restroom for your visitors is generally recommended if you can afford it. Once the decision is made to acquire a restroom, the next…

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