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Comparison: Vault Toilets Vs. Flush Vault Restrooms

Salish - Oracle State Park

The chart below compares the advantages of flush vaults; vault toilets; and conventional flush restrooms. Even though they cost more than vault toilets, conventional flush restrooms are usually installed where utilities are readily available because many consider vault toilets offensive.  Flush vaults designed by Green Flush make flush restrooms possible where utilities are not available. …

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Making Old Restrooms ADA Compliant

Non-ADA Brick Stall

In July of 1990, the United States Congress enacted a civil rights bill called “The Americans with Disabilities Act” (“ADA” for short). Similar to other civil rights legislation, it protects Americans with disabilities from any kind of discrimination, most crucially the unintended bathroom facility discrimination physically disabled people had to deal with every day. To…

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Installing Flush Restrooms Where They Normally Can’t Go

Waterton Lakes on sunny day

In the past we’ve talked about how Green Flush Restrooms can bring a flush restroom experience to areas where doing so would be incredibly difficult or expensive (places without water, electrical, or sewer: trail heads, campgrounds, parks, etc.). But what about places where putting a typical flush restroom is impossible? Turns out there are a…

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Winter Use Of Flush-Vaults™

Cross-Section illustration

In remote locations, effective strategies for keeping flush toilet restrooms open during the winter are not obvious. When flush restrooms are subject to interior temperatures below freezing, the water in the toilet bowls freezes, and freezing can cause damage to the plumbing and fixtures. Thankfully, we at Green Flush Technologies have taken on this challenge…

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A Few Reasons To Consider Unisex Restrooms


Unisex restrooms hold advantages over gender divided restrooms in certain situations. The first and most obvious advantage is that having classical gender divided restrooms requires a minimum of two restrooms. If you are in a situation where you can only afford one small restroom building, then unisex is the only option. The second advantage is…

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