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The Keys To Effective Architecture


When you think of a great city park, what gave off a strong impression?  Was it the green grass, the birds flying by, the fresh air?  Or was it the landscaping, monuments, bridges, pathways, water fountains, pruned bushes or meticulously carved out waterways?  All in a compound that that is often perfectly square and looks like…

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Why Go Green With Restrooms?

Go Green graphic

Green restrooms are part of the world’s desire to be more environmentally concerned. We currently live in a day and age where going green is “cool to like” more than ever. Therefore it is good for the image of a company to be environmentally progressive. This is why we often hear about companies that “go…

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What makes Green Flush Green

Green Flush is green

Back in the ’90s, our company’s founder was tasked with finding a way to make green flush restrooms for the remote reaches of Lake Powell, a reservoir located in the desolate and remote headwaters leading into the Grand Canyon.  The main challenge was just finding a way to make these restrooms work without any access…

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