A Green Roof is a Cool Way to Make Your Building Eco-friendly

Green Roof

A Green Roof is a Cool Way to Make Your Building Eco-friendly

What is a Green Roof?

It is a roof that is a living roof and is covered with vegetation and a growing medium planted over a waterproofing membrane. It may also include additional layers such as a root barrier, drainage, and irrigation systems.

Especially when in full bloom, this type of roof can be an attractive feature for a building.


Is it Actually Better for the Environment?

A green roof absorbs carbon dioxide, creates oxygen as a by-product, filters pollutants in the air, decreases the “heat island effect” reflecting solar rays rather than absorbing them as a regular roof does, and eliminates runoff, assisting with stormwater management.

It can provide a habitat for bees and butterflies and more green space for birds looking down from their travels.

The benefits to the building itself include helping to cool and warm the building.

In a public setting, signage could be used to teach visitors about the environmental attributes of this type of roof and be part of a broader environmental learning experience.


Can I use one on my public restroom?

Are you looking for opportunities to have a greener restroom? A green roof can give your restroom a smaller environmental footprint, reducing building impacts and making your restroom part of its natural environment.

Green Flush Restrooms can build your restroom with a foundation that is ready for you to add plantings to your roof. Please inquire if you would like more information.