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When Someone Needs A Toilet But Doesn’t Have A Home


Last year we published a blog on building support for public restrooms. When doing research for the article it was clear that one of the biggest topics concerning public restrooms is how much they are needed by the homeless community. Like most issues surrounding public restrooms, the matter of providing facilities for the homeless is…

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Accessorizing Your Restroom

York Downs Interior

In previous articles we talked about how you can create stylistic choice in the design of your restroom to produce the desired atmosphere.  Now we’re moving to the capstone of every top restroom: accessorizing.  Some restrooms go really crazy with addons and nice things, but to begin I’d like illustrate how even a very small…

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Why Interiors Matter


Restroom interiors are typically an after-thought when investing in a new restroom.  Maybe you see restrooms only for utility purposes, and find interior decorations to be non-essential.  But many people, particularly women, see restrooms as much more than just a place to relieve oneself.   Quality restroom interiors can create a positive impression with a substantial…

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Crime Prevention Tips for Public Restrooms

Martins front view

Public restrooms are often installed in places of peace and recreation – community parks, beaches, or hiking trailheads.  Unfortunately, some of these areas are not free from crime.  Whether it is vandalism or other illegal activity, criminals can have an ongoing negative impact on a restroom and the space it serves. Thankfully there is already…

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