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Here you will find all kinds of information about prefabricated restrooms. Learn how installing a prefabricated restroom by Green Flush is one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to provide your visitors with a quality public bathroom experience.

This is because our prefabricated restrooms have advantages over site-built structures, including consistent quality, lower cost, and less time spent on planning, design, and installation. Where water and sewer are not available, we offer a flush modular restroom option that provides the same experience as our standard prefab restrooms, even without utility connections. In addition, our sealed vault system means that you can have a flush bathroom even in a remote location, no longer needing to settle for a stinky vault toilet.

York Downs Interior

Accessorizing Your Restroom

In previous articles we talked about how you can create stylistic choice in the design of your restroom to produce the desired atmosphere.  Now we’re moving to the capstone of...

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Why Interiors Matter

Restroom interiors are typically an after-thought when investing in a new restroom.  Maybe you see restrooms only for utility purposes, and find interior decorations to be non-essential.  But many people,...

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Martins front view

Crime Prevention Tips for Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are often installed in places of peace and recreation – community parks, beaches, or hiking trailheads.  Unfortunately, some of these areas are not free from crime.  Whether it...

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Better Bathroom Petition 2

Building Support for Public Restrooms

Restroom use fulfills a universal need, yet approval of public restrooms is often contentious. In one such case, a council deputy leader for South Lanarkshire, Scotland successfully pushed to close...

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Quality urinal and toilet

What Women Think About Urinals

Making public restrooms can sometimes be ironic work. On the surface, it would seem that meeting one of the people’s most basic needs is a simple task. A room, a...

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Non-ADA Brick Stall

Making Old Restrooms ADA Compliant

In July of 1990, the United States Congress enacted a civil rights bill called “The Americans with Disabilities Act” (“ADA” for short). Similar to other civil rights legislation, it protects...

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