Why Women Strongly Prefer Flush Restrooms

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Why Women Strongly Prefer Flush Restrooms

When Green Flush technologies attended a major golf show event in San Diego back in February of 2013, the keynote address was given by a woman who addressed a mostly male flush-357x250crowd about how to increase golf course appeal to the fairer sex. One of the first things she mentioned: a lack of sanitary on course restroom options was a bit of an obstacle for attracting women to the sport.

To be sure, women tend to be much more reluctant to use non-flush toilets like porta-potties and vault toilets. That might be for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Women value cleanliness more than men do. Not only for appearances sake either, they are also susceptible to infections that men don’t have to worry about. For both reasons, hand washing carries extra importance to women, something a waterless toilet cannot provide.
  • Women on average spend more time in the bathroom than men do, and use the bathroom more often. An insightful survey by map-testing.com confirmed as much, including an interesting tidbit about toilet paper usage that plays into the cleanliness factor mentioned in the first bullet point above.
  • Women will almost invariably have to sit to use the bathroom, most male trips to the bathroom are done standing with no toilet contact.
  • Further, men often view bathrooms for their basic utility, whereas women, at least in nice restrooms, view them as a social place. Women often go to the bathroom in pairs or groups to discuss things privately, or in a place they find comforting. A porta-potty could not manage this aspect, neither would any other waterless restroom.
  • Of course, any bathroom is better than none. Though it is not legal to do so, men have been known to just find a tree when the need arises. This isn’t as much a practical option for women in a remote area that is totally without any form of restroom.

It’s hard to put an exact number on it, but it’s safe to say that at least some women avoid golfing or certain hikes if the adventure does not meet certain minimum restroom requirements. This is probably also true for men, just at a lower rate.

To work around this issue, the best solution is to build clean flush restrooms with sinks for hand washing. For a lot of locations, this was either totally impossible or insanely expensive. But with Green Flush, now it can be done conveniently and for reasonable prices that are relatively close to waterless toilet buildings.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text animation=”bottom-to-top”]

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