Installing a Green Restroom

Squaxin with crane

Installing a Green Restroom

How do we install our restrooms? The typical answer is “it depends.”

Take for example one of our more recent installs. A crane was ideal in this example because the restroom was placed into a large but shallow hole. To accomplish the same task using a forklift would have been more complicated and more costly.

Mini-on-Forklift-166x250Other times a heavy duty or even standard forklift is all that’s needed . There are cases when a customer simply wants the restroom picked up from the delivery truck and set on top of the ground at the selected area. This makes it possible for some of our customers to do their own installs and saves the expense of renting equipment (to get a crane with an operator typically costs about $1,000 for a few hours).

With the larger, multi-stall restrooms a crane is the only option.

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