Winter Use Of Flush-Vaults™

In remote locations, effective strategies for keeping flush toilet restrooms open during the winter are not obvious. When flush restrooms are subject to interior temperatures below Winter-Use-Graphic-2-426x1024freezing, the water in the toilet bowls freezes, and freezing can cause damage to the plumbing and fixtures. Thankfully, we at Green Flush Technologies have taken on this challenge and have come up with several practical ways of keeping our flush restrooms open in cold conditions.

  • Propane heat can be added to the buildings. Our restrooms can be built to meet local energy codes. In many locations the amount of energy needed is surprisingly little due to geothermal gain from the ground below the building that is allowed to freely enter the building space.
  • Non-toxic RV antifreeze can be added to the water system for toilet flushing. This method requires that the water supply to the sinks be turned off. Adding external heat is not required. A gallon of antifreeze costs about $4 and can treat enough flush water for 8 to 16 restroom uses, depending on the severity of the local climate.
  • The flush toilets can be removed for the winter and replaced with vault toilet risers for waterless operation. See the diagram for more information.
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