Build a Flush Restroom in Remote Locations

No Matter Where You Are, Restrooms Are A Necessity

Flush Restroom in Remote Locations

Flush Restroom in Remote Locations

If you are in a remote location and need to use a restroom, chances are your options will be limited. If you are fortunate, you might find a portable potty or discover a waterless toilet.

Unfortunately, waterless restrooms are very unpopular with the public. Most people want a pleasant, comfortable, and customary restroom experience even when they are visiting a campground, beach, lakefront, trailhead, or other out-of-the-way location. Some people, women, in particular, will often avoid visiting places were a flush bathroom experience is not available to them. Women prefer the convenience, comfort, and amenities of a flush restroom wherever they travel.

If you are traveling in a remote location, or perhaps hiking or camping, it is unlikely you will find a restroom, let alone a toilet that flushes, and a place to wash your hands!

There are many reasons why you do not find flush bathrooms in remote places like campgrounds and hiking trails. A typical flush restroom requires connections to water and sewer. The biggest challenge in making flush toilets available in these out of the way locations is the cost involved. Running utilities out to these long distances locations is too expensive to do.

Green Flush Restrooms in Remote Locations:

  • Are self-contained & prefabricated
  • Are odor-free, guaranteed for life
  • Operate without utility connections
  • Need no water, sewer, or electricity
  • Are fully customizable
  • Offer a wide range of remote area solutions
  • Our flush restrooms are ADA compliant
  • Commercial quality
  • Built to withstand decades of the hard use
  • Less expensive than a site-built public restroom
  • Our restrooms are better for the environment

A Flush Restroom Experience Anywhere

A conventional flush restroom requires connections to water, sewer, and power. However, Green Flush’s pre-fab-self contained flush restrooms operate without utility connections, meaning they can go where water, sewer, or power is not possible or practical. Green Flush modular restrooms offer the exact same experience as any other flush restroom: a standard flush toilet, sink, and waterless urinal.

Wastewater and water for flushing the toilet are contained in a precast concrete vault below the floor. Odors from these vaults will never leak outside or in the restroom itself, which we guarantee for life.

Our prefabricated restrooms are customized to meet the needs and tastes of every client, and we have the widest range of solutions for remote areas. Hot climate, cold climate, flood zone, sensitive environment, whatever the need, we can meet it.

ADA Compliant Flushable Vault Toilets

Green Flush Technologies has combined the advantages of flush restrooms with the self-containment feature of vault toilets. We make vault toilets that flush!

Environmentally Friendly

We have engineered our environmentally friendly restrooms to reduce water consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional flush restrooms. Our toilets use as little as half a gallon of water per flush.  Our installations produce minimal ground disturbance due to a small excavation footprint and eliminating all trenching. Optional solar power provides all the sun-generated power needed to run your facilities day in and day out.