Golf Course Restrooms That Do Not Require Utilities

For most golfers the frequency and quality of on-course restrooms is something they consider when choosing a course to play. This was confirmed in a recent survey we conducted asking golfers to give us their opinion not only on how restrooms affect their opinion of a golf establishment but how much more they would be willing to pay to have on the golf course flush restrooms.

Here is what they told us:
  • 84% of men surveyed said their opinion of a golf course was affected by the quality of the golf course restrooms.
  • Over half of the men surveyed were willing to pay $5 or more to play on a course with “clean and spacious restrooms instead of porta-johns.”
  • Not surprisingly, the women’s survey results were even more favorable toward flush facilities.

On many courses, raising the green fees by $1 to $2 for one season will pay for one of our golf course bathrooms. The investment removes the hindrance to your bottom line that inadequate sanitation facilities represent while increasing the capital value of your course, opening the door to more rounds sold at higher green fees.

Golf Course fairway with mountains in distance

For more detailed survey results, download the survey of male golfers and the survey of female golfers. A copy of the combined survey results is available and can be requested by emailing